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Endorsements: Please send letters of endorsement or solidarity to may1.toronto[AT]

March with us!: Come join march with M1M’s contingent on May Day! We will be working on and designing the presence of our contingent on April 22nd! Location to be announced, but mark the date for some banner-making, chant-writing, and revolutionary arts & crafts-fun!

Join M1M: Member organizations of the May 1st Movement have come together to celebrate, educate and mobilize around May Day with the aims of building a progressive alliance of working peoples organizations, community organizations, immigrant rights organizations, Women of Colour, Aboriginal Workers, Anti-racists groups and International Solidarity groups as well as Progressive Unionists and Progressive Academics. We aspire to build a progressive, working class agenda with Anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-racist orientation.

The May 1st Movement invites all mass organizations that agree with the Principles of Unity and the Demands of M1M to become involved in the work of M1M as decided by member organizations. The May 1st Movement is non-partisan and will not accept membership of political parties or party organizations.

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